The Wampler Pedals Blem Blowout!

Every now and then, something doesn't quite go right with the finish, whether it be the powder coat on the case or the screen print... We could bin them but no, we keep them, wait until we've got a few and then have a massive sale at great prices!!! These pedals are in perfect working condition, it's just they have cosmetic "issues" (or have been returned by customers - I know, it's madness!!!) - they work fine, they are just a little ugly, so we can't sell them as new... Each pedal is guaranteed in the usual way, except for the athestic damage etc.

Once the pedal's have sold out, it the shopping cart should not let you complete the purchase so if it fails - that's it I'm afraid!

Ego Compressor The Ego Compressor. The industry standard stomp box compressor for guitar.

Check out the Ego Compressor product page here.
$ 149.97

Leviathan Fuzz Leviathan Fuzz. A monstrous fuzz from the darkest corners of Brian's brain!

$ 149.97

Triple Wreck The Triple Wreck. Designed to sit between a 51050 and Triple Rec in terms of tone, it's the best high gain pedal ever conceived!

Check out the Triple Wreck product page here.
$ 199.97

Velvet Fuzz The Velvet Fuzz. Tone chasing isn't always about an amp or a pedal, sometimes it's the whole thing - pedal AND amp. If you love fuzz tones but sometimes want a little more control, the Velvet is what you need.

Check out the Velvet Fuzz product page here.
$ 149.97

30 Something The Thirty Something. The amp that chimed itself into the history books... Get that tone from your rig!

Check out the Thirty Something product page here.

Paisley Drive The Paisley Drive. The pedal designed with Brad Paisley, 3 gain stage options and switchable presence - there is a reason that people have this across many genre's of music!

Check out the Paisley Drive product page here.

Black '65 The Black '65. Want that classic mid 60's American blackface amp sound? Want a tone shaper to make your amp sound that way before you add other gain stages? The Black '65 is the pedal for you!

Check out the Black '65 product page here.

Dual Fusion The Dual Fusion. Designed with Tmo Quayle to be the most versatile and expressive Overdrive pedal ever, for Fusion and beyond - it will define any genre!

Check out the Dual Fusion product page here.

Leviathan Fuzz Tweed '57. The original tone, the birthplace of rock and roll!


Hot Wired v2 Hot Wired v2. The only pedal complete enough to handle the world most demanding studio environment, Nashville!

Check out the Hot Wired v2 product page here.

FTEv2 Faux Tape Echo v2. Simple and beautiful with Tap tempo.


Clarksdale Clarskdale Overdrive. It will make your tubes scream.


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