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Van Halen tones recreated with the Pinnacle

Christmas is upon us, and I felt like spreading some holiday cheer with some great tones. I asked a good friend of mine, and great player, Steve Townsend to stop by and put the Pinnacle Deluxe and Pinnacle Standard through its paces. Steve demonstrates some really great examples of Early Van Halen, and the “brown sound” that has been made popular by the legendary guitar player Eddie Van Halen.

For this video – I paired both the Pinnacle and the Pinnacle Deluxe with a Port City Pearl amplifier and Port City Cab. Keep an ear open for Steve kicking on a MXR EVH90 Phaser to round out that great Van Halen sound.

Check out Steve demonstrate some great tones of the Pinnacle in the video below.



Gear Run Down with Dave Weiner, Guitarist for Steve Vai

Recently I hung out with Dave Weiner, guitarist for Steve Vai, during the “Story of Light” Tour at the Old National Center in Indianapolis to talk about his gear. Dave has lots of awesome effects, some really great amps, and some really killer guitars! So I wanted to take just a quick minute and run through everything and see what Dave is using on this tour.

When the touring board gets talked about, keep an eye out for the Ego Compressor and the Dual Fusion. Dave likes a “chewier” clean channel and the Ego Compressor allows him the great response and feel that he wants. During this tour, there has been numerous overdrive pedals being put on and off his board– the Dual Fusion as Dave’s consistent “go to” drive pedal.

Check out Dave's awesome Riff of the Week site, one of the best guitar teaching sites available!

For more info on Dave Weiner check out his official website.

Abbey Road Studios...

In March of 2012 Wampler’s own Travis Feaster was asked to record a session for the BBC’s Paul Jones Show. Unfortunately… the BBC’s studio of choice (Maida Vale Studios: Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie) was booked, so Travis’ Band (The WT Feaster Band) was “bumped” to the historic Abbey Road Studios to record. Abbey Road Studios has recorded countless famous acts. The “short list” of recorded artist at Abbey Road Studios include, but are not limited too: The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Queen, Stevie Wonder, Iron Maiden, Oasis… and the list goes on and on.

Travis’ delay of choice was the Wampler Faux Analog Echo. Take a listen to Travis’ original soul filled blues song “Walk On” as he puts the Wampler Faux Analog Echo pedal through its paces.

We would like to give special thanks to the BBC and the Paul Jones Show for the use of the performance footage.

You can check out the PAUL JONES SHOW here.


Ace Thirty released tomorrow!

...it feels like we've been waiting years for this moment! Well, if we are honest, we have! After countless hours on the breadboard, many prototypes and a time span reaching back over 3 years, Brian finally presented to us his interpretation of those wonderful tones from Vox amps... We all played it, and then continued to play it... then we played it a little more... Our conclusion, we love it! We think it's the best VIAB type pedal available, we can't wait for you to hear it!

Brian Wampler; Demo/walkthrough... http://youtu.be/I8fxozVo8BI

Jamie Humphries; Queen based demo... http://youtu.be/FSwATzjUOq4

Brett Kingman; Single coils... http://youtu.be/dw45tH8PdlE

Brett Kingman; Humbuckers... http://youtu.be/Z9vfokzfmUY

Ace Thirty Competition winner!

Congratulations to Mark McGuigan of Scotland, his awesome demo of the Euphoria won the competition and we look forward to seeing his Ace Thirty demo soon!


Win A New Ace Thirty Pedal!


Over the 3 last years, I have been constantly tweaking and designing a pedal that can sound like a Class A British style amp (popularized by Vox for example) both clean and distorted. My first version of this type of tone (the “Cranked AC”) sounded fairly close, but there was just something missing. After countless configurations, I am completely satisfied of the tones achievable with the Wampler Ace Thirty pedal. The Ace Thirty ranges in those legendary Class A type tones from 60’s british invasion, to classic rock, to Brian May from Queen. The Ace Thirty will be available on November 29th 2013.

For a couple of sound clips of the new Ace Thirty Video, check out the videos below:





Over the years we have had tons of artist do some amazing demos and reviews of our pedals on YouTube. However, I always get a big kick of the videos our fans create. I always love to hear our fans take on the pedals I have designed. This got me thinking, I wonder who the best pedal demo-er out there is that I don’t know about yet. Who would be the best person to demo one of our pedals?

So here is my challenge to our fans. I want to see who can do the best demo of one of our pedals. I will pick the best demo and feature it on our website. The guidelines are you can use any one of pedals (even the discontinued models), make a great video demo, and post it to our Blog page in the comments section here. THE WINNER: will receive a brand new ACE THIRTY PEDAL, BEFORE THE RELEASE DATE!

To watch a YouTube video of the Wampler Ace Thirty competition video please check this video out:




While taking a quick break at the Nashville Amp Expo, I had the chance to sit down with Derrick Williams (guitar player with Jake Owen) for a special segment of “That’s My Gig” and talk about how I started Wampler Pedals Inc., the ins and outs of the company, and some advice to any person who is interested in a career in the music business…. Derrick even makes me play a little guitar….

Being a guitar player, first and foremost, has influenced every pedal built I have ever designed and built. From chasing classic tones of legendary musicians to my own personal musical influences – I am constantly trying to create pedals that replicate the tones I have in my mind.

Chasing your dreams can sometimes be a scary thing, but sometimes you just have to evaluate where you are, take a deep breath, and just take the plunge.

To watch my interview with Derrick for “That’s My Gig” follow the link below.


Are you going pink for the cure?


It’s October and that means millions of people will be putting on their favorite pink clothing, ribbons, bumper stickers, hats… all of which show support for Breast Cancer Awareness; a topic that is very near and dear to me.

With tons of pink products floating around to support Breast Cancer Awareness …. I thought to myself… let’s do it again, the last two years with the pink Paisley Drives have been awesome, let’s go again! So, this month in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness – I will be releasing a small, limited batch Ego Compressors with 100% of the profits going towards a Breast Cancer charity called The Rose.

About 1 in 8 women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer during their lifetime. Early detection/ awareness is instrumental in helping to stop the spread of Breast Cancer.

So help me raise some Breast Cancer Awareness by going pink. Purchase here: http://www.wamplerpedals.com/charity/

More about the charity: http://www.the-rose.org/

For more information about Breast Cancer and early detection you can visit:



Velvet fuzz video demo released!

Delighted to announce we have released the first video demo of the Velvet Fuzz. Featuring playing by Brian and Travis, it really highlights the agressive yet smooth, fat yet spikey tones available from the Velvet Fuzz.

Wampler Pedals - Velvet Fuzz


...the best boutique pedals at Summer NAMM 2013??

Nashville. Wampler Pedals hit Nashville. Booth 1036