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Pat Buchanan

Pat Buchanan
United States
Role: Session guitarist
Full Bio:

When music fans think of The Beach Boys' Pet Sounds, they most likely think of Brian Wilson. When you mention World Party, those in the know credit Karl Wallinger his due. When you become addicted to the music of Idle Jets, you can send your thanks to Pat Buchanan. Idle Jets has been Pat's own "Pet Sounds", a work in progress for several years while making his mark as an in-demand session guitarist and staff songwriter in Nashville, Tennessee. The songs (all co-written with Swandive's Bill DeMain) and the production (co-produced with Bill's brother, Jim Demain) are an artistic breakthrough for a multi-talented writer and musician with an amazing resume of musical experience at his fingertips. Having traveled the world touring and recording with such diverse and successful acts as Hall and Oates, Cyndi Lauper and Cameo, Pat made Nashville his home a few years ago to get off the highway and concentrate on songwriting and studio work. That was a great choice considering his success as a session player for country acts like Travis Tritt, Rodney Crowell, Tanya Tucker, Kim Richey, and countless others. Idle Jets, however, comes from Pat's love of guitar-pop... whether it's XTC, Jellyfish, or Marshall Crenshaw (Pat played on Marshall's last album under the pseudonym, Jay Sdad). His stunning skill as a guitarist, along with a fan's enthusiasm, led him straight to a charter membership in Nashville's pop scene that includes friends Bill Lloyd, Brad Jones, Ross Rice, Robin Eaton and of course, Swandive. The Idle Jets' debut album is built around instantly memorable melodies, well-crafted lyrics, and musicianship. It has both the inspired abandon that true rock'n'roll requires but also amazing precision. The Idle Jets, consisting of Pat Buchanan, guitars and vocals, Greg Morrow, drums and percussion, Tony Harrell, keyboards, Alison Prestwood, bass, can offer both, and their presence is more than evident on the album. The last few years have witnessed a renaissance of sorts for fans of Pop music. Both major record labels and a host of independents have seemingly solidified the international scene. With the arrival of Idle Jets, the timing couldn't be better.

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