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Greg Wurth

Greg Wurth
Harmony Hut/Mothership
United States
Role: Engineer/Producer
Full Bio:

Greg Wurth is a Grammy Nominated, Gold & Platinum award winning producer, working as Manager and Chief Engineer at L.A.’s Mothership Studio and Patigonia Studio. His credits range from Steve Vai and Tony MacAlpine to Tracii Guns to Jim Florentine & Don Jamieson, 2Cellos and Mary J Blige. He has been Steve Vai’s Engineer for 10 years. A lot of his time is spent in the “Harmony Hut” studio in Encino, CA where they currently do all of Vai’s projects.

“I grew up in southern San Diego. My parents were big fans of music and introduced me to The Beatles and Led Zeppelin early on. I used to collect cassettes & CD’s in the early 90’s and eventually I became interested enough to play an instrument, so I bought a guitar. I took lessons for a few years and had some bands but I realized that it wasn’t a natural thing for me. I eventually figured out that I was meant to Produce and Engineer music.”

"I think I have everything that you guys make... I'm so thankful for that. Everybody who comes in the studio is so stoked to have such a variety of pedals to play with. When I open up my pedal drawer I just grab whatever Wampler is closest."