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Carlos Morgado

Role: Guitar player, producer and songwriter
Full Bio:

Since I can remember I have wanted to do my own music project. During the years I’ve been on stage as a professional I’ve worked as music teacher, guitarrist, bassist,chorist, composer, arranger, producer and music director for some of the most well known artists as:

Laura Pausini, Luis Fonsi, Sergio Dalma, Shaila Dúrcal, Miguel Bosé, Antonio Vega, Dúo Dinámico, David Bustamante, Edurne, Nacho Cano, Andy y Lucas, El Arrebato, Camela, Nino Bravo (el musical), Pedro Andrea, Teo Cardalda, Gisela, Verónica Romeo, Nika, Kiko Gaviño, David Ascanio, David Sancho, Calle París, Javier Carracedo, Javier Estrada, Carlos Barroso,  Nowan, Nicola Casti, Oscar Morgado, Mitch Malloy, Stevie Zee, Jeffery Allen, Randall Clay, etc.

  • Ego Compressor
  • Euphoria
  • Pinnacle Standard