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Kirk 'Skinny' Webb

Kirk Skinny Webb
Session Musician
United States
Role: Guitar and Mandolin
Full Bio:

Kirk "Skinny" Webb is a multi-instrumentalist from the heartland of the US specializing in guitar and mandolin. He has collaborated and performed with Los Lobos, Jim Dandy (Black Oak Arkansas), Hank Redd (Stevie Wonder), Rick Derringer, George Hamilton, Nashville recording artist Grace Maher and many others.  Skinny started playing guitar at the age of 5 and soon began performing for audiences at country and bluegrass festivals in the style of Chet Atkins and David Grisman.  At 14 he discovered rock music and began studying the guitar craftsmanship of artists like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, Rush, and AC/DC.  After High School he went on to study classical guitar and obtain a music degree. The next step was the road where he has played with numerous original and cover bands over the years.  Skinny plays an eclectic and varied style of music running the spectrum from progressive rock instrumentals, bluegrass flatpicking, country chicken picking, and jazz fusion.  You can hear these various styles on his latest solo album appropriately titled “Alchemy”.  He has played on and produced over 50 album albums for other artists.  Skinny currently plays in Deliverance, an original blues rock band and The Rusty Laffoon Band, a contemporary country/rock band based in Kansas City.  He also stays very busy doing session work and as a hired performer for numerous artists.

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