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Tom Monda

Thank You Scientist
United States
Role: Guitarist/Producer/Songwriter
Full Bio:

As the bandleader of the critically acclaimed rock septet Thank You Scientist, Tom's unique voice as an instrumentalist and arranger/producer has caught the ear of many adventurous listeners.  His unique usage of fretless guitar, as well as non-traditional rock instruments such as shamisen and sitar has garnered him considerable attention.  Thank You Scientist's most recent release, Stranger Heads Prevail (produced by Monda), debuted at #14 on the Billboard rock charts and broke the Billboard Top 200 upon it's release, an unprecedented achievement for a band so left of center. 

The band has toured and performed with a wide array of artists, including Coheed and Cambria, Devin Townsend, Fishbone, The Aristocrats, Periphery, Yes, Adrian Belew, and many others.  Tom is an in demand sideman in the greater New York City area, performing in a myriad number of stylistically divergent musical contexts including but not limited to jazz, world music, hip hop, r&b/gospel, free improvisation, pop and country.  As a sideman Tom has performed with Bumblefoot (Guns N'Roses), Ike Willis (Frank Zappa), and many others.  While not on tour, he maintains a weekly residency in Asbury Park, where his trio performs deconstructed jazz, pop and funk classics with reckless abandon. 

Tom is also an active educator and clinician, with a student roster featuring a number of accomplished professional musicians.  Tom holds a degree in Music Education/Jazz Guitar from Montclair State University.  He is a contributing author for Premier Guitar Magazine, and in addition has been featured in publications such as Young Guitar and Guitar World.  

"Monda is a monster who can hang with the shredders, nail intricate multi-finger double-handed hammer-ons, execute impossible lines at top speed and in unison with his band’s violinist, employ an array of alternative and hybrid-picking techniques—and play his Vigier Excalibur Surfreter fretless guitar in tune and without breaking a sweat. He is equally at home playing standards in a straight-ahead jazz setting (on those gigs he uses a Gibson ES-335) or blowing through hard-bop classics like “Giant Steps.” -Premier Guitar Magazine