“...I have a big pedal board, about a dozen pedals, all true bypass, and I was having issues with what Wampler calls "tone suck", basically, the signal loses lots of treble thru a big board. This pedal solves all that brilliantly. With the gain all the way down it's a buffer, it sends a higher impedence signal thru the pedal board and thereby preserves the highs. If you turn the gain up it functions as an excellent booster pedal. I chose this buffer over many others due to the ability to switch off the buffer with a true bypass switch. Some fuzz and wah pedals don't like a buffered signal. Wampler solved this with the bypass switch. If I'm using the fuzz, I switch off the buffer. All in all, another home run from Wampler, these guys are doing everything right...”Eric

“...so far, I've used it for two nights, at two different venues, and it has made a big difference in lead tones, as well as thickening the rhythm patches... Great job Brian.. It's perfect!...”Rog Xavier

“...plugged it straight in and it has that Lifting a Blanket of the Amp type Vibe to it, motes are more Articulate even at fully counterclockwise position with my Tele = Unity Volume...”Phill Delle Coste