The Gain Stage

Everyone loves dirt pedals. Especially us. Some say that dirt pedals are what we are best at.
Wampler Pedals brings you the kind of pedals that you will want to play, regardless of your current rig. Dirt pedals are cool again

The Euphoria Overdrive.

The Euphoria is the pedal that will take your tone, and overdrive it like a great amp would.

No other pedal responds to your volume like this, no other pedal allows your playing and tone to sing through.

See and listen to the Euphoria here.

The Sovereign Distortion.

Brian Wampler has already proved with the ecstasy what he can do with overdrive. What happens when he turns that attention to detail to distortion. When Brian finished the Sovereign, it was obvious that it was the King of dirt, the master of distortions, the Sovereign.

From the brown sound to scooped metal, from gentle southern dirt to metal mayhem. There can only be one...

See and listen to the SLOstortion here.

The Velvet Fuzz.

Tone chasing isn't always about an amp or a pedal, sometimes it's the whole thing - pedal AND amp.

Being a fan of fuzzes, but not all of them, Brian set out to make the fuzz he wanted - great fuzzy tones, with all the internal compression you might like but also have the option of having the tones but feeling more like a distortion... You know, that classic Gilmour or Johnson tone AS WELL as the classics. Quite the challenge.

If you love fuzz tones but sometimes want a little more control, the Velvet is what you need.

See and listen to the Velvet Fuzz here.
Velvet Fuzz