The driving force behind your sound

The Wampler Gearbox Andy Wood Signature Overdrive features modified versions of two of Brian Wampler’s best loved drive circuits: the Tumnus and the Pinnacle.

Introducing the Belle Overdrive

Brian Wampler has taken a classic low gain overdrive circuit, and tweaked it to perfection with some new tone shaping options…


The king of distortion pedals

The Ratsbane is based on an infamous circuit from a classic 1980’s high gain distortion pedal with some of Brian Wampler’s unique modifications 

The Terraform has landed!

11 custom designed modulation effects, presets, midi control, expression pedal, advanced routing… it’s all in the Terraform.

Perfecting the legend!

The Tumnus Deluxe delivers all the string-to-string clarity, high-headroom output, and amp-like breakup that made this style of overdrive pedal so iconic.

Small Pedal, Huge Tone

The definitive mini pedal for classic rock and metal fans – the Plexi-Drive Mini’s unique gain structure covers everything from Vintage ’68 style Plexi tones to cranked all-out massive rock tones…






Multi Modulation




Delay & Reverb




Fuzz / Overdrive





What makes us different

Each Wampler is custom designed and built in USA using only the finest components available for superior sound and response. Each pedal comes complete with Wampler’s 5 year limited warranty – we stand by our products so you can stomp on them!

How to break your Ratsbane

How to break your Ratsbane

In case it escaped your attention, we released Brian’s take on the infamous rodentine 80’s distortion circuit last month - a pedal that has been requested numerous hundreds of times. I’m happy to say it's been a big success so far, we almost couldn't shovel the coal...

Pantheon Overdrive

It’s here! The Wampler take of the classic BB circuit!! The Wampler Pantheon Overdrive Pedal was inspired by the long-discontinued, long-sought-after Marshall Bluesbreaker Stompbox…. and the many now – legendary pedals that have followed its ”transparent” path.


Brian Wampler is helping create some of the world’s best guitar tones.


We are proud to help all these musicians find their tone! From Blues to Rock to Country, from Fusion to Funk to Acoustic, Wampler covers all bases!


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