Pantheon Overdrive

The Wampler Pantheon Overdrive Pedal was inspired by the long-discontinued, long-sought-after BB circuit… and the many now legendary pedals that have followed its ”transparent” path…

Pantheon Overdrive

The Wampler Pantheon gives you all the unmistakably British break up and tonal nuance found in the best of these revered circuits…. But with some fresh features and modern functionality which are all WAMPLER! A Powerful EQ Section so you tailor your sound for any gig - Includes an active Baxandall bass control so you can match the pedal to any amp/cab and fill up any room, coupled with a beautiful Presence Control gives you just the right amount of Sparkle and Sweetness. With all the controls right up there on the front, not hidden away inside, the Pantheon is all Wampler - a fresh take on shaping this amazing circuit, and instant access to all the different harmonic and overtone structures you could ever want. If you’re looking for a classically inspired drive pedal that mates perfectly with any rig, that plays nice with all your modern tone-tools, can retain all the personality and feel of your playing, AND also delivers everything from sweet and creamy push to cranked British Grind….. Go Pantheon.

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More of You

The reason the original BB circuit is so legendary, and why so many cool stompboxes have been based on it, has to do with the way it introduces harmonics and grit into the tone you’ve already worked so hard to get, without altering it’s natural sound or drowning the player’s touch in needless extra compression or grit. The Pantheon takes faithful inspiration from this circuit, but keeps the sound entirely yours.

Always the Right Fit

The Pantheon gives you enough tonal tweaking options to enhance the rest of your rig without muddying things up. The Baxandall-style active bass control is neutral at noon but boasts an extremely powerful sweep as you move through the range. And in addition to the standard tone control, you’ll also find a presence control for adding just the right amount of top-end chime to fit your different guitars and output devices… live, in the studio, or as part of a larger chain.

Not just another Clone

This type of overdrive circuit is used in some very different ways by different players…. The native sound has passed the test of time, but Brian Wampler has added enough easily accessible gain control to transport you through the decades at the flick of a switch. The 3-way Gain Level switch toggles between the most useful and usable Drive degrees, and the 3-position Overdrive Voice switch selects between hard and soft clipping or a mix of both! That’s every shade of dirt you’ll ever need.

Built for Forever

Brian Wampler’s attention to detail and commitment to bringing you the best-sounding & most usable Effects Boxes on the market is nothing new. Those qualities are on full display within the Pantheon Overdrive. We’re all tone-freaks, and we’re always trying new things, but we hope this pedal finds it’s forever home on your pedalboard, so we built it to last that long.

See it in action:

Technical Details
  • Built in the U.S.A
  • Battery connection and 9v-18v power jack
  • Relay based soft switch true bypass
  • High-grade components selected for their superior sound and response
  • 3 clipping stages and 3 overdrive voices make it the most versatile of its kind
  • Powerful EQ section
  • Top-mounted jacks make pedalboard placement effortless
  • Power draw: 17.3 mA @ 9V and 18.8mA @ 18v (LED will flash 3 times when power from battery is getting low)
  • Includes Wampler’s limited 5-year warranty
  • 2.50″ x 4.50″ x 1.5″ (63.5mm x 114.3mm x 38.1mm) – height excludes knobs and switches

Pantheon graph

Customer Support
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When emailing to inquire about a returned product, always refer to the Return Authorization Number. If WAMPLER determines that the unit was defective in materials or workmanship at any time during the warranty period, WAMPLER has the option or repairing or replacing the product at no additional charge, except as set forth below. All replaced parts become a property of WAMPLER. Products replaced or repaired under this warranty will be returned via ground shipping within the United States freight prepaid. WAMPLER is not responsible for costs associated with expedited shipping, either to WAMPLER or the return of the product to the customer.

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(18 customer reviews)

18 reviews for Pantheon Overdrive

  1. Chad

    Amazing pedal, Brian is a mad genius. This pedal knocked my MXR Super Badass Distortion and Boss Angry Driver, both off my board. Can not wait to get the deluxe version. This pedal does every thing, even up to Marshall Guv’nor tone and gain. Set your eq where you like it and let the clipping switch do the rest for your gain levels.

  2. 00-beastly.port

    I have a hard time deciding if the Pantheon or Tumnus Deluxe is the best OD pedal I have ever heard. Needless to say, both stay on my board 100% of the time. The Tumnus sounds incredible, and can be used as both a crunchy OD or a clean boost, depending on how much gain you use with the Tone knobs. But the Pantheon takes the flexibility to a whole new level. This pedal can be a classic crunch like the Tumnus, or an overdrive monster with much higher gain. But turn the gain down, and it can also be a clean boost, or tun up the presence and treble knobs with the gain down, and you have a killer treble boost pedal. Or use one of the middle settings and dial in a nearly identical King of Tone sound. There are just so many options with the Pantheon, I cannot play without it.

  3. Javier

    In my country you don´t have the chance to try before you buy, so we tend to gravitate to what we hear in youtube videos in order to hunt for new pedals. I have had many Wampler overdrives over the years and now, after buying the Pantheon, I have a firm suspicion that Brian designs all his pedals with single coil guitars in mind. As a PRS and Gibson player I always tend to find all his ODs a bit wooly on the bass frequencies and the bass knobs offering way too much boost on that range, I mean that -comparing them to other brands- they all seem a bit bass-heavy for me. It happened the same to me when I bought the Dual Fusion many years ago. So, if you play strats or teles, you will surely find this pedal a killer option for a BB sound. In my case, with humbuckers, I struggle a bit to cut through the mix in the band with keyboards and the other guitar player, who plays with a strat with a tube screamer. Tweaking the knobs things get much better, but if you play humbuckers listen carefully and don´t expect to put everything on twelve and smile, work on the knobs until you find a sweet spot that sits properly in the mix live.

  4. Joel

    Another winner from Wampler. This is my third drive pedal from Wampler and I’ll re-iterate what I’ve said before; it won’t be my last. Despite what my wife thinks, you can never have enough pedals. This one is so versatile, there’s not much it can’t handle. Death metal maybe, but that’s not really my thing.

  5. Martin J. Schwarz

    Usually I use one setting on each pedal because I hate turning knobs… thus I’ve got 5 different drive pedals on my board and they all sound great. Lately I’ve been building a tiny board for tiny gigs and out of about 10 overdrives I test played the Pantheon made it! It’s super versatile and also sounds great with every guitar I plugged into it (and I’ve got a few). Greetings from Vienna AT!

  6. Brian Phillips

    As a musician of around 30 years I have recommended or reviewed very few products. This was my first Wampler product. This is so far hands down the most versatile dirt pedal I have ever owned or tried. I have found no negatives for it besides it doesn’t come with a Tumnus to stack with it. It will basically do anything but high gain metal. It can be anything from a boost into the amp to a heavy hard rock distortion. Not the best for tight palm muting but again, it’s not for that. There is more character in this pedal than most people I know. This is my favorite OD pedal followed by an original Barber Direct Drive, but this does WAY more than that pedal. If you can only pick one OD pedal for a board/gig, this is it. Don’t fret going over Youtube reviews etc etc. Just buy it. Whatever you think it may do, it does it. I’m on the Wampler team 100%.

    • Wampler Pedals

      Thank you Brian that is very much appreciated! The Tumnus and the Pantheon are great pedals to pair on any board in our opinion I hope they bring you many years of enjoyment!

  7. Nick Burson music

    Stunning pedal, outstanding sound and really very impressive but I find the knobs just move to easy. It’s probably the my favourite sounding pedal I have ever owned, maybe the second but it no longer on my board because the knobs just move way too easy. I don’t normally have problems with pedal knobs but both my wampler pedals do it. Saying that I would still buy it again it sounds amazing.

  8. GeeDub

    This (Pantheon) is the BB style pedal I have been looking for. The Pantheon does it all and more. I like the extra bass available to use when needed. Brian really has the gift of creating excellent pedals. I have almost a dozen of his creations, and they all are top notch. I believe the Pantheon is one of his best creations. You can’t go wrong with this pedal because it does so much.

  9. Grizz

    So versitile. Used this as a conditioning pre amp, boost or various levels of drive and have had nothing but outstanding results. Got a new amp (Blues Cube Hot) and was swapping out pedals to see how they sounded, plugged into this and had low gain setting (switches down and gain at noon) and the presence around 830. When I stepped on the switch, WOW!, I got that wall of sound everyone dreams of. With the sensitivity of this pedal I could have played any genre right then without changing a thing and it would have sounded great. From super controllable edge of break up Blues to crystal clear heavy dirt Rock this thing has it and everything in between. I love the bass control and how well it carries the signal without that muffled feel, just clearly preverves the low end and make lead licks feel/come alive. Mine came with the presence knob slightly bent but after hearing this thing I call that bent knob…..”character”. You know, like the buckle bruises on the back of a guitar. Thanks Wampler this hit the spot and then some!

  10. Brad Plant

    I decided to build a traditional pedal board after selling all my Boss pedals years ago and only using my amp for the past decade. This was my first purchase, and still my favorite. The other 10 pedals since, have all been disappointments, lol. Some days I think about replacing my other dirt pedals with more Pantheons, and just have a bunch of these on my board with various settings. I can’t say anything that hasn’t already been said in other reviews. It’s simply an incredible pedal.

  11. Patrick Garrett

    The Pantheon will be one of those pedals that we will look back on in 20-30 years and say “I have an original one and I’ll never sell it” it’s so versatile you almost need two. Not only does it sound good but it looks good too. Especially with gold tip patch cables. But I digress. It can hit bluesy drive tones, JCM 800 tones and even does it’s own thing when really tweaked out. Brian is a genius, and I am proud to have wampler pedals on my board.

  12. Ron Rumsey

    I like this pedal so much, I bought two of them! One for each of my boards, the practice/small venue board and the big board. I use it pretty much on all of the time and control levels with my guitar volume control. THIS is the tone I hear in my head. Brian has NAILED it! The flexibility of this pedal is truly remarkable. Although non-standard, the tone controls (bass + treble + presence) allow me to dial in exactly what I want to hear from my Princeton Reverb amp, my Champ, or my Dr Z Z-Wreck. The gain options are incredible with 3 gain levels, each with 3 clipping choices. I use the down-down setting with volume @10 o’clock, gain @2, bass @12, treble @12, and presence all the way down. Add a bit of compression before and a bit of slap-back delay after and this is my grail tone.

  13. Zack Rosenberg

    I heard about the Bluesbreaker and King of Tone for a long time and always wondered what the hype was about. Knowing how amazing every Wampler overdrive is, I HAD to check this one out! The 3-band EQ, 3 voices, and 3 gain levels can get nearly every tone imaginable! Brian’s skills really show with the ability to get amazing tones with the smallest adjustment to only 1 knob or toggle switch. It’s amazing when stacked with a Tumnus.

    It was my go-to for lead tones, then I let a friend borrow it for a while, but missed it so much that it kicked another OD off my board after getting the Terraform to earn a permanent spot on my board.

  14. Jamie M Harrison

    I really enjoy this pedal! It’s my main lead on my Wampler board and works on a variety of different amps. I have a boutique amp from a company call Mahalo and the amp is particularly dark which is unique…dare i say strange but this pedal has a lot of brightness/clarity to sound fantastic on this amp. The pedal also sounds wonderful on my 3 vintage 1968 Fenders which are very bright.

    Lots of gain, lots of clarity, tonal choices, rock and roll!

  15. Michael Hecker

    Incredible Pedal. I have owned 3 KoT’s and they don’t come close to this. The versatility is insane. Although I use it for light drive, it can really do anything from glassy edge of breakup to classic rock.

  16. Declan

    Absolute masterpiece of a pedal. The variety of tones from this is astonishing. I mainly use it for low gain edge of breakup, which it absolutely excels at, but it can go all the way to full on distortion. The best part of this pedal is that it doesn’t colour your tone at all, unless you want it to. Set the EQ to match your amp, turn up the gain a little and pure tone. The touch sensitivity is another area this pedal amazes in. Brian and the team knocked it out of the park with this one.

  17. Farid

    This pedal is incredible. I currently use it as amedium-gain OD but it sounds amazing on all gain settings, all the way down to a boost. My personal favorite BB style OD and one of the staples on my board.

  18. Christian Avila

    This is my “desert island pedal.” It is so versatile, going from subtle to in your face rock and roll with the flick of a switch. The active eq also helps give it a permanent place on my board. Built like a tank and reliable i dont think twice about gigging with this. And if i did happen to have an issue i know the folks over at wampler would take care of me, and thats worth something.

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