Metaverse Plugin

The Wampler Metaverse is a powerful studio and stage ready DSP multi-delay available as a set of AU and VST3 plugins for your DAW. Select a download below for a FREE 7 Day Trial or purchase a license to explore the Metaverse forever.


Metaverse Plugin

Legendary Tones

The same great tones from your pedal in your DAW

Mono or Stereo

Just like the pedal, you can run either Mono or Stereo versions

Tempo Sync

Sync to your host tempo and click the subdivision to change modes

Full Featured

Select Tape Head and Ethereal modes, alter Mod Depth and Rate

Feature packed

Comprising eleven of Brian Wampler’s favorite delays, the Metaverse plugin suite is a complete set of plugins that emulates the pedal fully. Each algorithm is available as a plugin and the complete suite of plugins comes FREE with every hardware purchase.

Metaverse plugin screenshot

AU and VST3 Plugins

The Metaverse plugin suite is available for both Intel and Apple Silicon Macs and Windows PCs. Once installed a complete set of individual plugins (each named after their setting on the pedal) will be present in the relevant plugin directory in your DAW. Please note it is not currently compatible with .pt files or pro-tools software.


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