11 custom designed modulation effects, presets, midi control, assignable expression pedal input, advanced routing…


When Wampler decides to jump into the multiFX market, they do it in style. 11 custom designed effects blocks, from Flanger to Phaser, Chorus to U-Vibe, Harmonic Tremolo to Envelope Filter, you know everything about it is going to be perfect.

In one incredibly small package, you can control any of the 8 presets via midi, you can assign an expression pedal to control ANY of the main five controls, you can run it in full glorious stereo or keep it in mono... you can even split that mono signal to route some effects to go before your drive pedals, or amp gain, and have the rest follow behind or in your effects loop!

When you put the Terraform into your rig, you know that not only will you get that legendary Wampler tone, but you will get the most easy to use, hugely versatile and best sounding collection of modulations you could ever want!

(8 customer reviews)


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11 Effects

Each of the 11 effect blocks have been designed and realized in-house by the tone chasing freaks at Wampler. Each one has been inspired by many individual stomps, both modern and vintage, to bring you the best version of them all!

Total Control

There are 8 presets to store your favorite sounds… you can recall them via the fully mappable midi, via the button on the front and even from the stomps! The expression pedal can control ANY of the 5 controls and you can even set the heel and toe point!

Routing perfection

If you want true Stereo, you got it… You want basic mono, you got it.. You can even split that mono signal so you can put some effects in front of your drive section and the others behind, or going into the front of your amp with the rest in the effects loop. However you like to route your signal, the Terraform has you covered.

Built for Forever

Brian Wampler’s attention to detail and commitment to bringing you the best-sounding & most usable Effects Boxes on the market is nothing new. Those qualities are on full display within the Terraform. We’re all tone-freaks, and we’re always trying new things, but we hope this pedal finds it’s forever home on your pedalboard, so we built it to last that long.

See it in action:

Technical Details
  • Built in the U.S.A.
  • High grade components picked for their superior sound and response
  • Relay true bypass with soft switches
  • 11 custom designed effects blocks (Dimension, Chorus, Harmonic Tremolo, Tremolo, AutoSwell, Rotary, U-Vibe, Phaser, Flanger, Envelope Filter and AutoWah)
  • 8 presets to store your favorite sounds – you can recall via midi, from the preset button or via the stomps
  • Full midi mappable to assign any of the 8 presets to any incoming midi patch change
  • TRS midi input/thru (via “TRS A” only – single converter supplied)
  • Full assignable EXP pedal input, giving you control of what it controls and how much of the sweep is available
  • Power draw: 107mA at 9v, 108mA at 18.
  • Includes Wampler’s limited 5-year warranty
  • 3.75” x 4.75” x 1.75″ (95mm x 119mm x 44mm) – height excludes knobs and switches
Customer Support
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WAMPLER Pedals Limited Warranty. WAMPLER offers a five (5) year warranty to the original purchaser that this WAMPLER product will be free from defects in material and workmanship. A dated sales receipt will establish coverage under this warranty. This warranty does not cover service or parts to repair damage caused by accident, neglect, normal cosmetic wear, disaster, misuse, abuse, negligence, inadequate packing or shipping procedures and service, repair or modifications to the product, which have not been authorized by WAMPLER. If this product is defective in materials or workmanship as warranted above, your sole remedy shall be repair replacement as provided below.

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(8 customer reviews)

8 reviews for Terraform

  1. Bjørn from Denmark

    Great sounding and easy to use pedal. [ONE BIG CONCERN described further down]. For me it wins on the simplicity with no menus and no secondary functions on the knobs. The idea of the default preset for each effect is brilliant (it is presets beside the 8 user storable presets)- allowing you to instantly finding a classic sound and then tweak it from their to your own preference. The midi implementation could have been more advanced – especially if expression could have been controlled via midi because many use their midi controller as a hub for controlling expression on more pedals. And of course it would be great if you had more than 8 user storable preset when using midi. But that’s just dreams. ONE BIG CONCERN about the pedal (at least mine) is the preset button. It is small and flimsy and it teases me to often by not working on both push and hold function and then suddenly working making me mess up what I am trying to program. Wampler Customer Service even themselves described the button as “fragile”. Would be great if that button could have been more sturdy and reliable. Maybe even one that you could stomp on? Maybe Wampler have a solution how to fix this problem by som sort of mod that your local repairman can do? Mine could of course be the one faulty out of a million, but I think it is the pedals only major design flaw on a quiet import button.

  2. Andrew Hall

    The terraform is, in my opinion, the best modulation pedal you can get*. All the algorithms are great, and it only takes a few minutes to dial in some of the most classic univibe, chorus, rotary, trem, phaser (and many more) sounds. I have only one gripe. It only has a total of 8 presets! Brian, can I suggest you implement the same preset call-up system as the Kismet Overdrive? It retains the simplicity of the four preset lights while also unlocking 127 presets. Best of both worlds.

    *if you don’t want to spend your valuable playing time ‘tweaking’, programming and searching internet forums. If you prefer to spend you time tweaking and programming, get an Eventide H9.

  3. Andrea Posarelli

    Hi guys this pedal sound really terrific, I just wondering why just 8 preset to recall via midi…?
    Can you please, please, please add more to recall…???

    Bye from Italy…

  4. GuitarJoe66

    I’ve been tweaking my Terraform side by side with my modulation pedals. So far, I’ve got a dead on accurate emulation of the setting on my Boss Wazacraft CE2 in CE1 mode, and the Univibe is actually sounding better than my Fulltone MDV-3. This thing is just outta sight. I’ve never been more impressed by any pedal.

  5. Bart Moser

    It sounds great. This will replace two, possibly three pedals I already have. I really like the versatility of all of the controls with no menus to scroll through. I also like that it has a smaller footprint than other brands and can even use MIDI.

  6. Jamie M Harrison (verified owner)

    Terraform has been long awaited and it didn’t disappoint! If you’re looking for a small package with a lot of modulation power this is it. It holds its own against all the big names in the market (Boss/Strymon/Empress etc) and still has its own personality. Each model sounds wonderful and pairs perfect with the Wampler lineup. Now I finally have an all Wampler board with multiple drives, delays, and now delicious modulation. The dimension alone is worth the price of admission!

    Easy to use, Lots of sounds, and Not too expensive. It’s a home run!

  7. Michael Hecker

    Now that a lot of people already have the Terraform and I’ve had hours to play it… This thing is just as close to perfection as exists in the pedal world. I have always loved the sound and analog modulation pedals and generally speaking, the versatility of digital pedals. Unfortunately, digital pedals have always lost out because their versatility couldn’t trump my need for warm analog tone…and most importantly, feel. The Terraform crushes all the others. When I play a chorus, it sounds analog. The phaser sounds analog. The flanger, analog. The envelope filter has the same bounce as analog. The tremolo sounds like an amp. They all feel analog! Buy it. Buy it now.

  8. Scott Bowers

    Love this pedal! Everything you want in one pedal, I got rid of my several other pedals and still have more effects with the Terraform.

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