So we made it back in one piece. (This time we didn’t miss any flights.)

Between unveiling our all new Plexidrive Deluxe (available Feb. 27th), seeing old friends and meeting new ones (cough cough Marc Ford), blowing out of voice talking over super drum cymbals (I’ll never yell at my drummer again), and shaking a lot of hands – I am happy to report we have yet another successful NAMM under our belts! I am however sad to report that the NAMMthrax has finally gotten me.

For those of you unfamiliar with the term NAMMthrax – it is a term that has been coined from the massive amount of germs that is spread between everybody at NAMM shaking hands or talking in close proximity to one another. Usually it never gets to me – but this year – NAMMthrax has sunk it’s teeth into me and infected me with a cold. So today’s Blog is brought to you from my couch instead of the office. Time to get some rest. Before I go – I’ll leave you with a picture of cymbal booth next to us. (if there was such a thing as my least favorite part of NAMM – that would be it. lol.)


– Max

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