This week we are continuing on with the 2 shorter podcasts a week format. So for those of you who still want the “meat and potatoes” of the show, with out all the goofy shenanigans – here are the highlights.

Humidity and guitars: Winter, especially here in Indiana, can be brutal for guitars. Because of the general dry air/ super low humidity that winter brings – the wood on your guitars can and will start to dry out (and some times shrink) with out proper humidity. Travis learned this with his Don Grosh S-style guitar a couple weeks ago. Accordingly to Travis the frets on his Grosh almost started popping off because of lack of moisture in his guitar. After a couple of days in a room with a humidifier going his guitar’s moisture levels started to right itself. So remember when it starts getting cold outside – start humidifying your instruments – I typically humidify my instruments about 8 months out of the year. (A $30 case humidifier can save you a lot of headaches and heartache down the line.)

Amp In A Box pedals: We also discussed Amp in a Box pedals – more specific the Wampler Black 65. A lot of those old Fender amps started to get a lot of bass response around the 4-5 mark and then from 5ish-10 didn’t get as dramatic of a bass response. A lot of amp in a box pedals, especially the Black 65, has the same kind of EQ response as those old Fender Amps. (So, don’t worry – after 4 o’clock and you just aren’t getting a ton more bass response – your pedal is working perfectly normal – I Promise!)

If y’all are feeling froggy and decided to listen/ watch the podcast – around the 21:30 mark – I reveal the world’s Best Worst Christopher Walken impression. I mean it’s pretty bad – I know it’s bad and don’t pretend like it’s good at all – but hey – it makes people laugh. Lol. Until next time Tone Chasers!

– Max

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