Starting this week on the Chasing Tone Podcast, we decided to try out doing 2 shorter podcasts through out the week instead of 1 large one. Let us know what you think!

This week, to my surprise – and probably to a lot of other listeners out there – we actually did a good job of staying on topic…. For the most part…. Don’t judge me…

The very first question of the podcast – was one that got some different answer between all 3 of us. “What is your favorite recorded Plexi tone?” Brian’s answer was early “Scorpions” in particular “No one like you” – definitely some cool points on that one. Travis and I both said Hendrix – but way different albums. Mine was “Axis Bold as Love” album is just awesome but the one that really grabbed me as a kid was the “Isle of White” performance. This actually isn’t the greatest album for tone – not by a long shot. Hendrix was fighting his tone most of the show – but it was my first “experience” with Hendrix – and as an 11 year old kid – I have never heard those kind of sounds before – still blows me away. Travis – chose the New Years Eve 1969 show – in particular “Machine Gun”. (Travis credits that song – as one of the reasons he plays guitar.)

Another great question from a fellow tone chaser was – “How does a guitar’s volume affect a pedal’s tone?” Immensely! For example, if you are using a Wampler Pinnacle – you will probably want an amp that has more headroom. If you are using an already dirty/ overdriven amp and try to use the Pinnacle – your guitars tone might become too compressed or flub out. Sag definitely is an issue at that point.

Speaker Impedance: This past week, Travis ran his old Rivera amp with an 8ohm speaker output – into a 16ohm speaker and absolutely loved the tone. It added midrange and added a lot more headroom by moving air a little differently than his old 15” 8ohm speaker configuration. Warning though: Do not put a lower ohm speaker rating in to a higher ohm amp output. This will seriously damage your amp!!!

Until next time tone chasers! Check us out on Facebook and Instagram (Chasing Tone Podcast)

– Max

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