5 guitar moments that changed my life

Early this week, Jason posted a Blog about the 5 guitar moments that changed his world. Piggy-backing off this idea – here are my 5. Although numbered – it’s hard to put them in any official order. It was also hard to pick only 5.


1) Who did you think I was? – John Mayer This was one of the first songs that made me want to really “Chase Tone”. I can remember exactly were I was when I first heard this song. I was sitting in my car with the top down of my Mustang (It was a cool car to me – but pretty much a piece of junk to anybody who had seen it.) Anyways – I was sitting at a stop light near my childhood home in Mooresville, Indiana listening to the local radio station 92.3FM (A modern music radio station) when it came on. BAM! Hit me like a freight train! Just the opening riff, Strat, Tube Screamer, and a Two Rock – Blown Away! I’ve been an unashamed Mayer fan-boy since.


2) Jonny Lang – Lie To Me This album came out in 1997 and I purchased it at my local Karma record store on a whim. I was 11 years old and just starting to get in to blues. His voice and riffs were just so tastey – even at an early age – I knew I wanted to sing like that. Oddly enough I didn’t start singing in public until my early 20s. But Johnny Lang’s guitar and vocal phrasing and still a super prevalent influence in my music today.


3) Texas FloodStevie Ray Vaughan I first got in the blues when I was 10 – nearly 20 years ago now. Texas Flood was one of the first albums I ever received. My very first copy was on tape that I received as Christmas gift. I wore that out, quite literally. I stretched the tape so bad you couldn’t understand it in anymore for being played so many times. After doing that to about 3 copies in a matter of months. My parents got me a Sony Discman CD player with a CD version of Texas Flood so they wouldn’t have to buy me any more copies of that album on tape. You can hear the emotion and power behind every note played on that album. If you haven’t listened to it for a while – you owe yourself a favor – sit down, relax, and enjoy.



4) Taxman – The Beatles So for those of you who know me – and for those of you who don’t – I am a huge Beatles fan. My office is pretty much covered in Beatles stuff. My Dad was a huge fan – and I think he passed that gene on to me. While it’s hard to pin point any one favorite Beatles song – I think the song “Tax Man” really stood out to me. The pocket of the Rhythm guitar chugging along during that song has always brought a smile to my face. It’s a fantastic example of pocket – it makes the whole song!


5) Tedeschi Trucks Band

In recent years, I’ve fallen in love with the Tedeschi Trucks Band. Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi are both great guitar players on their own – but since marrying one another and forming a more than incredible band together – they continue to amaze me. They both play off each other’s guitar riffs well, song structure is articulate and fun, and I’m not even mentioning that Derek Trucks can make his SG and glass slide sound like a Gospel Singer. While they are known for their up beat structures – I really like this song when I need to just unwind. There still lots of power and emotion – just directed as to relax you. Sound odd I know – but you be the judge for yourself.


Honorable mentions: Sean Costello – I’m a Ram, Jimi Hendrix – Crosstown Traffic, and Government Mule – Beautifully Broken.

– Max

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