Happy New Year Tone Chasers. It has been a minute since I posted last. Between the holidays and with NAMM 2015 in less than 2 weeks – we have been keeping busy on new stuff to bring to you in 2015!

Recently I received an email asking me if I could define some buzz words that get thrown around a lot in the industry. A lot of the buzz words out there can be a silly/confusing at times but I guess it does go with the territory of guitar geek talk vernacular. Over time they just become a part of what you hear in different pieces of gear. On my honey moon back in October my wife and I went on the Bourbon Trail through Kentucky sampling bourbons. (Would you expect anything else??) The person leading the bourbon tasting would throw around buzz words too like “Oaky”. What does “Oakey”taste like – I have never chewed a piece of oak. But without hesitation many of us new exactly what they meant. Guitar tone buzz words – are often used in the same way. While there are ton of buzz words out there – these are 6 of my favorites.

Fizzy – usually has lots of top end/ treble type frequencies – the top end freq. tends to break up creating a sometimes un-desirable tone.

Mid-rangey – a tone that has a lot of mid range frequencies in it.

Woody – I use this term to describe a sound of slightly lower frequency, with a more acoustic resonance.

Boxy – has a tendency to sound very compressed.

Chewy – one of my favorites – use this word when using lots of thick gain
– where can still hear the defined original note, but it definitely is overdriven – think
Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top – Marshall on 10 with a Les Paul – tone so thick
you could chew on it.

Transparent – this is another big one. This is used to describe tone when
you apply a overdriven signal but you guitars natural tone (with out an
amplifier) can still be heard through the mix. The pedal doesn¹t color, or
take away/ change the tone, of your guitar and amp combination.
While there are a ton more buzz words out there – these are some of the more popular ones I hear on a day to day basis.

– Max

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