One of the most surprising and lovely things I’ve noticed via customer feedback is that they are really digging the ‘plug and play’ default settings on the Terraform. It was something that Jake and I went over comprehensively, but to be honest, I didn’t think people would play them, they would just start to tweak straight away… one customer has even said he took the Terraform out that night to a gig and just used the default settings all night as they were perfect, so I thought I would take this opportunity to ‘show’ you where they are, so you can tweak away from this reference point, should you want to go outside our ‘thought process’.

As you can see, the RATE is high and DEPTH is quite low, the initial reaction on any chorus pedal for me is to put the RATE lower and the DEPTH higher, because I’m a child of the 80’s and that’s what we did. The default setting WILL make you sound bigger, but it’s verging on the edge of seasickness if you push it any further, so if you are wanting more subtle, bring the rate down and the depth up, if you are in stereo, there’s where your width comes from. In this setting you are getting full bass response, if you are playing in a band situation and you are finding you are getting a little lost in the mix, bring the VARIABLE control round more clockwise, and you’ll start to hear it punch through more.

Again, RATE is higher and DEPTH is lower… For more subtle, flip them. BLEND is 50/50 to give the chorus effect, but if you stick it round to 100% you’ll get a nice vibrato, which is the ‘secret’ 12th effect in here. Bass is maximum in default, as with the dimension, take some out with the VARIABLE to bring you forward in the mix somewhat if needed.

RATE is straight up, DEPTH is set quite deep and the all-important BLEND is set quite low. With the BLEND like that you are getting the full-fat version of the effect, bringing it up with make it sound thinner and more ‘toppy’ as the crossover point is set within here, this is the one you are more likely to want to tweak according to your rig.

RATE is set for it to be quite fast, and the DEPTH is almost maxed, basically at the point before it starts to be a square wave. The WAVEFORM is set right up the middle so you are getting equal amounts of signal to silence… This is a fun one to balance, because quite often it’s great when it when the dips are shorter than the signal.

The attack (RATE) is quite slow with the included modulation on the DEPTH really high. This gives it that ambient feel we all know and love, it’s subtle though, you might not have properly recognised it. BLEND is all the way up, because it’s to highlight the effect, but if you run it at 50/50 you get some wonderful blooming notes. The VARIABLE is really quite high also, this is what is controlling the attack based on your picking. For single notes you’ll want to change this, as this is more of a chord type setting.

RATE (horn speed) and DEPTH (woofer speed) are quite high… this, based on literally hours and hours of research and tweaking is as close to the max speed of a Leslie I could get it – so, it’s with them both at about 3 o’clock it sounds most like one, so if you want to go weird, cranked them up. This block defaults at fast speed, so instantly hit that TT stomp to slow it down. The VARIABLE is set all the way round to slow ramp time, bring it round to speed the process up. The split between the horn and woofer is set to 50/50 by default, if you are playing in a band situation you might want to bring it round a little more clockwise, to make it cut through.

As you can see, the RATE and the DEPTH are quite high again, this is to give you that instant throb we all love of a U-Vibe style pedal. The 50/50 blend is essential to get that response, the interesting thing on this is to play with the VARIABLE, at default it’s set 50/50… if you are using it on a more clean tone, bring it round to the left, for that dirty low end thump, clockwise is where you want it. If you are in mono and using it via pre/post, this is the one control that really makes the difference, adding that low end throb via the VARIABLE running into some dirt is a joyous experience, it’s like you’re getting hit by a machinegun.

Everything is pretty well at noon. The big fear with this one is that at times it can be overbearing, so tweak that BLEND control and make sure it sits perfectly in the mix!

Like the Phaser, we are going straight up. I really like it, I mean REALLY like it when the VARIABLE control is all the way off so it’s more subtle… The BLEND is the key here, if it’s to in your face, drop it back CCW.

Once again, pretty well everything at noon apart from the BLEND which is set to fully wet, my personal preference is to have the VARIABLE around a little more CCW though, makes it more fun with my ham-fisted style of playing!

Once again, BLEND is your friend here, play with it, find the balance between original and effected. I run my actual wah at 40% only, so it’s more subtle, try it around there and see what happens!

So, there you have it, a quick guide to the default setting that are preloaded in each of the 11 effects in the Terraform!!

Enjoy your tweaking!

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